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Bulk Materials Pneumatic Ship Unloading Machine

Bulk Materials Pneumatic Ship Unloading Machine
Product Detailed

Bulk suction machine and Pneumatic bulk handling system are the pneumatic conveying equipments which used for bulk materials.


XS series bulk materials pneumatic ship unloading machine



Bulk suction machine and Pneumatic bulk handling system are the pneumatic conveying equipments which used for bulk materials (powder and particle) ship (truck) unloading.

Bulk suction machine is made up of Suction nozzle, Hydraulic suction arm, Separation unloading device, Roots blower (Vacuum pump), Electric control system, and so on. It can deliver the material into the bulk material silo (warehouse) directly or by the conveying machine. Pneumatic bulk handing system is made up of Negative pressure pneumatic conveying equipment (suction nozzle, hydraulic suction arm, separation unloading device, roots blower or vacuum pump), Positive press pneumatic conveying machine (pressure pump, combination pump, Air compressor) and Electric control system.




The working principle is: it can produce negative pressure by the roots blower or vacuum pump, then the material and a certain amount of air will mix together by the suction nozzle, the material will conveyed into the separation unloading device by the conveying pipe on the suction arm. The materials fall down into the conveying equipment or positive pressure conveying equipment after it separate with the air, then the materials will conveyed into the bulk material silo pass through the feeding pipe by the positive pressure which produced by the air compressor. And the clean air will discharge from the upper part of the separate device, then the air pass through the Exhaust pipe and flow into the vent of the roots blower or the vacuum pump.



Technical Process Drawing of XS Bulk Suction Machine




Our products feature:
1. It can suction and discharge from several places.   The equipment and pipeline can layout flexibly, also can save the space. At the same time, the main equipment can open-air placed.
2. The equipment structure is simple and compact. There are few mechanical transmission parts and few easily damaged parts.
3. Because it transport in the airtight pipeline, it can reduce the dust spread. It is good for environment protection and it improves the working conditions.
4. It can produce continuous. And it has a high degree of automation.
5. It can reduce the labor intensity.
6. it’s easy to operate, management and service.
7, the characteristics of electrical control system:

 (1) The roots blower, our company adopted the newest products of the soft starter ATS series from French Shi Nai De Company. The start current is 60% of the motor rated current.

(2) Motor working current and the blower vacuum pressure are reliable and stable; pressure control degree of automation has reached the international automation level.

(3)The suction and conveying device is full automatic controlled, control method use the Japanese OMRON Programmable controller; other devices are produced by the French Schneider company.

(4)The automation degree of the equipment and the stable of the device have reached the international level in the same industry line.

The products are widely used in building materials (cement, fly ash, and mineral powder), food, chemical, power, fuel, metallurgy, and so on.

The capacities of the products have some series:

20, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300,400,500 t/h.

The Stretching length of the suction arm can be chosen according to the production capacity and the bulk material ship (car) tonnage. It has below series: 12, 16, 18, 20, 25, 30,35m.




XS series bulk pneumatic ship unloading conveying equipment, it can suction the materials from the common truck or ship and unload the materials to the silo or bulk truck (or ship) by the feeding equipment. There is no need to refit the ships or cars which load the bulk material.



Bulk material pneumatic conveying device can be classified into some types by different conveying ways:

Fixed type

Ship-loading type

Tire movable type

Track movable type

10000t bulk ship of self-conveying or self discharging

Dredging and transporting system


Please choose your needed system by your detail requires.





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